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Cargo Moving During the Shutdown

January 17, 2019

CBP has indicated that most Cargo processing operations are being maintained, but if you are experiencing delays you should contact the port-of-entry or the Center of Excellence you use for importing your goods.

CBP employees including CEE Directors and Assistant Directors, Entry Specialists, Import Specialists, some information technology (although not ABI representatives), fines, penalties and forfeitures staff are all working. National Account Managers have been furloughed.

Entry liquidations are still being done though without refunds where applicable, and the automated clearing house is fully functional for duty payments.

Work on rulings, regulatory audits and refunds (drawback protests, pro-summary corrections) have all been halted.

CBP is still enforcing deadlines for protests and drawback claims, CF-28/29 responses. Enforce and protect Act Duty Evasion proceedings and audits, so it is important if you have something pending to make sure you meet the time deadline set forth in the documents that you have received.

Food and Drug Administration trade functions, such as prior notice proceedings are continuing to operate while the Environmental Protection Agency is largely shut-down.

These are the more significant issues, if you have questions, again, we would suggest you contact the Port of Entry or Center of Excellence through which your goods are processed to secure specific information related to that Port/Center or your particular goods.

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