Plattsburgh, New york

American Memorial at Fort Chambly Quebec

June 11, 2019

Former Congressman, Bill Owens was the key note speaker at the 94th Anniversary of the placing of an American Memorial at Fort Chambly Quebec. This is an event that is co-sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Parks Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion. Mr. Owens’ address was entitled “Our Canadian Friends, Neighbors and Brothers in Arms.” He discussed the long history, dating back to World War II, of the relationship between the Canadian Armed Forces and the United States military, particularly the Canadian participation in D-Day on the beaches of Juno and Sword ( the letter they shared with the British) describing Canadian casualties and following that theme through the 18 year long Afghan war. Mr. Owens also spoke briefly to the issues involving US/Canada trade. He also described the nature of our friendship and working together as neighbors, noting that since 1933 American Presidents have made forty trips to Canada which is almost one every two years. We must never forget the nature of our relationship with Canada is not one solely focused on trade, but it is one that is heavy with experiences in battle, as well as on beaches, mountains and lakes which we all share in our region.

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